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I'm white and am a little offended to be generalized as racist and privileged just because your experience with a few white people is so. We are humans, we should treat each other equally, regardless of skin colour.


Hello, I am Mexican and Native and I’m a little offended to be generalized as lazy, drunk, dirty, illegal, primitive, only fit to watch your kids, groom your lawn, paint your house, cook your meals, or be the manual labor of any construction just because your experience with a few Mexicans or Natives is so. But I guess your feelings are more important than acknowledging how you benefit from white supremacy. We’ll stop bitching and spreading awareness and working towards change and things will just continue on as they are just for you. :) 

Just kidding. 

It is not a generalization to say that you are privileged. It is a fact. You benefit from white privilege. (It sounds like you need to learn more about that) As has been said a million times in a million ways, that does not mean your life is complete perfection and everything is handed to you. Though you have white privilege you can still experience sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, etc if you’re a woman, poor, disabled, or queer respectively. But this does not take away from the ways in which you benefit from white privilege. 

Since you benefit from white supremacy and racism exists as an institution, it is also not a generalization to say that you are racist. You may think that not going out of your way to commit individual racist acts makes you not racist, but you are using the colloquial definition of racism and is not the definition of how it’s used in academia nor is it the type that matters most or the kind we’re trying to bring light to. Racism is a system of racial dominance fueled by privilege. It is prejudice + power and it’s what most colonized systems in the world were founded on. Tim Wise said that privilege exists as ” the daily psychological advantage of knowing that one’s perceptions are the ones that stick, that define the norm for everyone else, and that are taken seriously in the mainstream.” 

We are all human but do not pretend to be colorblind. My race is a big part of who I am, my identity and it is important to me. To ignore that is to perpetuate colorblind racism and is very offensive. Especially when you have the privilege of not thinking of race as an issue, since you are seen as the default. Our differences need to be respected and acknowledged. Not dismissed and unacknowledged because it’s the only way in which we can be treated equally.

- Jimmy

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Why yes, Plus Size Brand, I would love to buy a shapeless white tshirt with some huge lettering and an animal print.
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Another headwrap photoset
Some of my faves . 👑✨

You’re actually perfection.

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